Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Roads Must Roll

I like Heinlein's "The Roads Must Roll"—How about a tale of a real functionalist revolution? A successful one, I mean? Or an alternative sequel to his story, where Van Kleek wins, not being the simpering weakling Heinlein presumes everyone who disagrees with him to be? Who would be next to revolt? What would the ultimate consequences be?

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Aggravated Vehicular Genocide

The following inspired by "Aggravated Vehicular Genocide," Christopher L. Bennett, 11/98 Analog.

"What is the purpose of Justice? Is it to punish the guilty? To wreak vengeance upon the perpetrators of unsavory deeds? To somehow rectify and right wrongs, when often the wrong cannot be undone, no matter what anyone desires or what punishment is meted out? No, I say! The purpose of Justice is not to right wrongs or satisfy rage, but to help ensure that the wrong does not reoccur. When a crime is committed unknowingly, when moreover none connected with the perpetrators will ever be aware of the verdict or the consequences, and especially when it is in the interest of all to prevent this sort of incident from ever occurring again, what purpose does it serve to put the perpetrators to death? Do you intend to solve the problem by evolutionary attrition, allowing only those to live that have not committed crimes, in hopes that the genetic capability of performing the forbidden act will be eventually eliminated? Surely this will be as costly to both sides as it is unlikely to succeed. Far better to forgo the illusion of legalities and simply go to war. The purpose of the Court is to serve the people, not to punish the guilty in order to satisfy some feeling of vengeance, fairness, or justice."

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Feeling Good (Part 2)

• p. 62: "Suppose, for example, you suddenly realize you're late for a…meeting. Your heart sinks and you're gripped with panic. Now ask yourself, 'What thoughts are going through my mind right now? What am I saying to myself? Why is this upsetting me?'"
        These are valid questions. I'm not arguing with him anymore. But I do think this is a good time to clarify what I think actually goes on in our minds.
        There aren't necessarily any thoughts going through your mind at that moment. There might be, but there don't have to be for you to be feeling bad. As I've said, feelings don't come directly from thoughts, and emotions can react directly to stimuli, without any intervening cognitive action. (can≠always do)
        Darn. I let the Muse slip. Maybe later.

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Friday, May 02, 2008

Syler Method of Investigation

We (I) can find answers to problems by analyzing the problem; more specifically, by analyzing the question. Because there has to be a question. And it has to be in words, as does the answer. If you can't explain it in words, you don't understand it. So it's like I've said: Asking Questions and Getting Answers. Asking the question–in words—then making sure you understand the question and every word in it. If you don't, analyze. Be specific and concrete.

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Thursday, May 01, 2008


You say it because you feel it, and you
        know it in your gut
But if you can't explain it, then you don't
        understand it
And all you know
is how you feel.

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